FBOlink Desktop CSR Desk Kit




FBOlink Desktop is the the next step in communicating with your FBO’s customers. By default, when someone using the Airtext or FBOlink iOS or Android apps send you an FBOlink message, it will arrive at the CSR email address on file. This is very helpful but sometimes CSRs do not see emails in a timely fashion and realize the message is actually coming from an aircraft en route. FBOlink Desktop provides a 2-Way instant communication link with read receipts, and multiple visual indicators. When a message is received from an aircraft, you will automatically get the aircraft type and tail number, allowing you to plan ramp space and get ready before they are on approach in radio range.

  • FBOlink LED lights create a visual indicator when someone is trying to reach you from an aircraft. This cuts down on radio chatter in the FBO lobby, making a better experience for your customers.
  • FBOlink LED light is normally Solid Green. When a message from an aircraft arrives, the FBOlink LED light slowly flashes Blue until it is read. If the message is not read within 1 minute, it will alternate between Blue and Yellow flashes. Once the message is read, the LED will return to solid Green.
  • Read receipts that show acknowledge when the Aircraft and FBO see the Message
  • Multiple CSRs can be signed into a single FBOlink Desktop Account so all users see all messages

There are about 350 aircraft flying with Airtext and over 7100 Airtext users which allows FBOlink messaging over Iridium while flying. There are over 3500 Pilots that are using the iOS and Android apps that have created FBOlink accounts which allows messaging over Wi-Fi (including Gogo/Inmarsat Systems) and Cellular Networks.

The FBOlink CSR Desk Kit Includes everything needed to start using the Windows FBOlink Desktop Client at your FBO. It includes the following:

(1) Year License to use FBOlink Desktop Windows Application

(2) USB FBOlink Lights

(2) USB Extension Cables

(50) FBOlink Info Cards with QR Code

(1) CSR Desk Sign with Business Card Holder.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz